Su Sulfuru

Sulphurous yellow is unique. I love this colour. There are minerals which, on account of their sulphur content, almost match the yellow of pure sulphur. Yellow smithsonite is one of them. The most beautiful yellow smithsonite has come from the Monteponi and Masua mines on Sardinia.

Not for no reason, a large specimen of yellow Sardinian smithsonite can be admired at the famous Smithsonian Museum in the USA.

The jewellery combination ‘su sulfuru’ consists in part of yellow smithsonites from Sardinia. The latticework structure in which these large stones are set is an allusion to the rhombic shape of sulphur crystals.

In the mines, zinc and lead were extracted. Smithsonite was more or less just a by-product. Lead may well have a special, beautiful grey lustre, but it’s poisonous. So I selected grey-metallic haematite as a worthy companion.

‘Su sulfuru’, by the way, comes from the old Sardinian language sardu and simply means ‘the sulphur’.

combination 750 white gold consisting of drop earrings, bracelet, ring

yellow smithsonite
canary tourmalines
haematite globes