Dornröschen (The Sleeping Beauty)

In their original version, many European fairy tales are pretty lugubrious. I remember very well the illustration of the Sleeping Beauty in an old volume of Grimm’s fairy tales that I owned. I found the hedge of thorns that plays a central role in that story frightening. Even if there was a happy end.

For me, the essence of the amethyst is just as two-faced: one the one hand – if the cut and the hue are perfect – it displays a breathtaking and beguiling beauty. Anyone who has seen deep Russian amethysts from the old Siberian deposits knows what I am talking about. On the other, there is something subliminally gloomy inherent in it, occasioned by the colour violet, which stands for mysticism and magic.

So the drop earrings ‘Dornröschen’ unite these two sides of the same coin: a hedge of thorns in violet interference lacquer, in which beautiful amethysts have become entangled.

drop earrings 925 silver
interference lacquer