The monks of the famous Shaolin Monastery in China have been showing what power can be inherent in meditation for more than 1500 years. The martial art gongfu, for which the monastery stands, is to be understood as a special form of meditation.

In an illustrated book about the monastery, a photo of a monk meditating on a small island surrounded by water left a lasting impression in my mind.

The blue chalcedony Buddha on his pedestal meditates just like the monk in the picture. The figure has been carved consciously in blue quartz, as the colour blue stands for spirituality in China. Purple, in turn, is regarded in the Middle Kingdom as a colour that brings good fortune. It too stands for spirituality, but also for water.

In the ‘Shaolin’ drop earrings, the purple rubies are also combined with silver-coloured white gold. According to feng shui that brings good luck.

drop earrings 750 white gold
blue chalcedony
purple rubies