Fuego mexicano

Strictly speaking, this item of jewellery should have been called quetzalitzlipyollitli or, in translation, the stone of the bird of paradise. That’s what the Mayas called the fire opal. However, that ancient name being unpronounceable to our tongues, I christened this reversible clasp ‘fuego mexicano’ or ‘Mexican fire’.

Its shape is oriented toward ancient Maya hieroglyphs. Everything is rounded and flows into everything else. In the centre is the ‘stone of the bird of paradise’, flanked by white zircons – you might easily see an association with Yin and Yang here. While I was wording this very sentence, I pondered the fact that there is a land connection between Asia and America …

By the way, the fire opal is meanwhile regarded as the national stone of Mexico.

reversible clasp 750 white gold
fire opal
white zircons