Lux speculi

In art and architecture, generations occupied themselves with the topic of illusion. Illusion is a kind of reality devised or construed by our brain, a reality that does not exist in nature. Particularly in the 20th century, an art form known as ‘optical art’ or ‘op art’ perfected the phenomenon of mental delusion exploiting mathematical and physical laws.

Since the very first time man succeeded in making them, mirrors have served the purpose of creating illusions. The best known example of this today is probably the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.

The drop earrings ‘lux speculi’, Latin for the light of the mirror, i.e. the reflections it throws out, are rooted in my enthusiasm for concrete art. The spirit of the great works of art with which I am familiar from innumerable visits to museums is thus transposed on to the tiny surface of a drop earring.

drop earrings 750 white gold
red spinels
ground mirror glass