The three principal sources of Brummé
– classical antiquity, art and history –
distilled into a single motto:
Hic habitat felicitas, nihil intret mali

(Roman felicitas mosaic, Mozartplatz, Salzburg).

Fuego mexicano

Ein Blau ist ein Blau ist ein Blau

Su sulfuru

When shall we 4 meet again?



Lux speculi



NATO per i tapetti rossi


The Roaring 20th

The turbine


64°48’N 23°6’E

Botanical box


M & E

Bague torpille

Honoris causa


I’m what is known today as a career jumper, and without any false modesty I must say that I’m quite proud of the fact.

What matters to me is that my creations appeal. What drives me onward is the stir that my jewellery causes. It’s important to me to let those who contemplate my designs feel part of their creation and their intellectual background. And the texts about the individual items are waiting to be read – they’re worth it!

I derive my inspirations from decades of commitment to art, literature, architecture and design.

Exhibitions, museums, gallery openings, art books and a habit of ‘walking through the streets with my eyes open’ – the list of the impressions I have filed away is a long one.

Even today, I remember buying the catalogue raisonné of Fernand Khnopff, a Belgian painter and symbolist, more than 20 years ago in Munich. The book cost me a fortune compared with what I was earning – but if you’re inspired by a thing …

Interestingly enough, the way I see things and the experience of life that I have today also correspond with the predictions of Li Edelkoort, who is known to everyone in the world of design as a trend guru. Her credo for what lies ahead is this: “All we will have left in the future to differentiate ourselves from one another are our hands and our creativity, with the aid of which we’ll be able to make things and reinvent ourselves”. And she goes on to say: “The age of the amateurs is dawning – passion instead of professional perfection

I have nothing to add to that.


Christina Brummet
unique jewelry design
Postfach 10 01 21
D-85001 Ingolstadt