The starting point for the ‘Fuji’ ring was the rare andradite mineral from the Kohse mine in Japan. If I know the provenance of a stone, I also take an interest in the exact position of the mine. The Kohse mine is on the island of Honshu – just like Mount Fuji. That geographical connection, I decided, should be incorporated in the design. And that is how this Fuji on the finger came into being.

The volcano itself is made of smoky quartz with its slopes and crevices engraved true to the original. The characteristic snow at the summit is imitated by reverse painting of the hollowed-out quartz.

Active volcanoes eject stones, so the andradite sits ensconced on the crater. By this, I aim to emphasise the character of the Japanese national holy place. Many illustrations depict Fuji with picturesque cherry trees in full bloom. The little engraved flowers made of pink Andean opal pick up on this. I almost gave this ring the name hanami (the custom of celebrating the cherry blossoms by viewing them).

ring 925 silver, blackened
andradite mineral from Kohse mine (Japan), engraved and reverse-painted smoky quartz, engraved flowers in pink Andean opal