Ein Blau ist ein Blau ist ein Blau

A blue is a blue is a blue

Blue three times over – what’s that supposed to mean? One aspect of the remarkable title of this lapis-spinel-turquoise necklace – ‘a blue is a blue is a blue’ – is that whichever of its many shades the colour blue may display – it’s still blue.

In this necklace, the ultramarine blue lapis lazuli globes harmonise with the blue shimmer of the spinel strands and the light blue turquoises of the detachable brooches: so it really is blue three times over.

But these verbal acrobatics also have another root: a limited-edition ornamental plate by Eugen Gomringer, a Swiss-Bolivian writer and the father of Concrete Poetry. On the plate, on a blue background, it says: The simple way is simply the way. And so my thoughts began to develop…

necklace: lapis lazuli globes, dyed spinels
brooches (detachable): 925 silver rhodium-plated turquoises, purple rubies, freshwater pearls dyed green