67°48‘N 23°6’E

Kiruna, Norrbotten, Sweden, coordinates 67°48’N 23°6’E, northern hemisphere. There, an iron meteorite impacted the Earth more than a million years ago. Today the specialists refer to it as ‘the Muonionalusta’. In 1906, a small boy discovered the first fragments of this extraterrestrial rock near Kiruna. Two large slices of that meteorite now adorn the drop earrings ’67°48’N 23°6’E’.

During its interstellar voyage to the Earth, the Muonionalusta may also have seen a starry firmament like the one which meanwhile adorns the surface of these disc-shaped earrings. Who knows? But unlike the three satellite stars made of pink Malaia garnets, captured by a „white dwarf“– symbolised by the Kasumigaura pearl – with his tremendous pull, it escaped from the gravitational field and landed on the Earth.

drop earrings 750 yellow gold
iron meteorite slices, pink and light green Malaia garnets, Kasumigaura pearls